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Discover the four most important common advantages

Highest energy efficiency A++

As a response recent environmental trends, the QUEST PLUS LED luminaires are characterised by high energy efficiency A++, which helps reduce CO2 emissions and allows savings of up to 65% compared to luminaires equipped with traditional light sources.

Versatility and flexibility of use

According to the designer’s vision, which assumed differentiation of individual variants so that they could be dedicated to a number of places and objects. One family of luminaires – dozens of different applications.

Lighting efficiency and durability

QUEST PLUS LED luminaires are characterised by high-quality components (drivers from recognised manufacturers and CREE LEDs) and high-quality materials used in their design. Another feature is their long durability up to 100,000 hours, high luminous efficiency up to 155 lm/W and a high degree of light uniformity SDCM ≤ 3. Such high quality and parameter values are in turn a response to market expectations and requirements imposed on producers who want to be perceived as creators of new solutions and technologies.

Resistant and durable

The luminaire design allows outdoor use. QUEST PLUS LED provides a very high degree of IP66 ingress protection. The luminaire is characterised by IK10 impact protection achieved through the application of a high-quality aluminium luminaire body and 5 mm thick tempered glass.

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Quality without compromise

"When designing such versatile luminaires, I aimed to facilitate their application in many places and objects. Versatility of use was our main goal and it has been fully achieved. High-bay and floodlight with excellent lighting parameters will successfully meet demanding challenges faced by this type of lighting. The luminaires are made of the highest quality materials which ensure tightness, resistance to damage and easy installation. It is a long-term investment which will pay off quickly"
Robert Gabrysiaki
Luminaire designer, R&D Lena Lighting

A luminaire can be both versatile in use and precise in fulfilling its tasks.

Lena Lighting S.A. has introduced the QUEST PLUS LED range of luminaires, represented by floodlights and high-bay luminaires. Versatility and multitude of applications is their greatest advantage – as per the designer’s vision, which assumed differentiation of individual variants so that they could be dedicated to a number of places and objects.

Examples of application:

  • industrial halls, warehouses, ramps, infrastructure around the halls;
  • internal roads, parking lots;
  • exhibition, entertainment and sports halls;
  • sports grounds and stadiums;
  • facades of architectural and historic buildings, monuments;
  • billboards;
  • temporary lighting of the construction site;
  • emergency lighting in places where emergency services work

Will light up any space.

Due to its diverse and wide range of light distribution, you can adapt the lighting to virtually any application.

Let us introduce the QUEST PLUS LED family

Versatility and multitude of applications is one of its major advantages.

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Start saving

By deciding to install QUEST PLUS LED luminaires, you save at every stage of the investment – design, assembly, operation and service.

Case study - real calculations

See how to save up to 85% energy and get a return on investment. Attainable calculations for a sports ground and a high storage hall.

accomplished projects and visualisations

What makes us different and competitive?

30 years of experience

We know everything about luminaires and lighting systems: we examine their possibilities and design, test and manufacture them. We combine practice with modernity. The company has been listed on the WSE main market in Poland since 2005.

Polish production

We strive for continuous development, which is why we are one of the best manufacturers of luminaires in the country. We take advantage of our experts’ knowledge, as well as the state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

Lighting design

We make visualisations and free lighting designs using specialised computer software. We also make calculations of profitability and energy efficiency of lighting. Trust the professionals.

Lighting hours
Watts of saved energy

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Upon Customer's request, following thorough analysis of given order, Lena Lighting S.A. can grant Extended Guarantee, for the period of three years, or Non-standard Guarantee, for the period of five years. Agreed terms and conditions of Extended Guarantee or Non-standard Guarantee shall be included in custom documents.

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